Whether you are looking for online learning or just learning at a distance, Carolina International University provides you with a variety of quality programs. Some of the features include:


Options to tailor - make your own program Research, Projects and Modules Tempor Magna Publication Options Top Faculty Who Care about your learning experience.

About Carolina International University

The University was created to meet the increasing demand for nontraditional higher education in the world. We proudly continue to impart knowledge and critical-thinking skills to a diverse group of both traditional as well as adult learners through our dynamic nontraditional life experience programs. To this end, we have retained an excellent group of skilled staff who are truly well-versed and experienced in their respective disciplines. The University continues to fulfill its responsibilities to members of the local society by creating and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth to individuals who wish to pursue careers in the fields of Business Administration, Fashion Design, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, all fields of engineering, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Law, Sociology, Psychology, Social Studies, Religion and Islamic Studies.

We believe that the power to DO, ACCOMPLISH, and LEAD lies within the creative ability of every individual. What is therefore required is a set of tools to help unleash that power and guide it in the right direction. At CIU, we provide those tools in the form of varied programs, and extra-curricular activities. We place total focus on what the applicant has already learnt from their life and work experience.

The University has a proud tradition of academic excellence coupled with an international reputation for quality, a broad range of degree program offerings, and relevant specializations within each academic department.