Whether you are looking for online learning or just learning at a distance, Carolina International University provides you with a variety of quality programs. Some of the features include:


Options to tailor - make your own program Research, Projects and Modules Tempor Magna Publication Options Top Faculty Who Care about your learning experience.

Welcome to Carolina International University

Welcome to the website of Carolina International University. We want to extend a warm welcome to you and tell you about the educational opportunities available to you at CIU.

Our Program

Personal Work Commitment

Self-paced programs, flexible time schedule, a sense of tangible accomplishments.

"I am indeed very proud to be a student of CIU and as soon as I graduate, I do hope to encourage my colleagues to register."

Mission Statement

Carolina International University, S.A. as virtual university corporation, does not offer any courses to study in our campus, because our campus is the vast internet space; we simply give selected educational centers around the world the right to educate their students in their own langauges under the superversion of very highly qualified academics, we then issue their degrees after making sure that our academic guidlines are met fully, we also grant the degree based on the student's life and work experience only without any study.

Carolina International University, S.A. is not an american university, it is not based in the USA, it has no campus or location in the USA.